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YTMND Roundup!

Here’re what I think are the best new-ish YTMNDs. They’re dumb, of course, but some are spectacular.
YTMND, for those who don’t know, is basically an animation with sound. They’re generally stupid, but some people find brilliance in the simplicity.

Reading Rainbow!
Only if you’re 18!
Tiny Danson!


Genius causes crazy.

Newton, Cavendish, Linnaeus.  Names we all know for being incredibly smart and making great discoveries.  But did you know that they were also crazy?

Sweet Paper Craft.

It’s from /po/.  Here’s the thread: Link.

Unbelievable Medical Conditions.

This is some crazy stuff.  A guy who doesn’t feel cold. A woman who can’t forget.

Check it out: Link.

Cute and Funny time!

First, the cute: the Googly Eye Blog. I was giggling, and all was well with the world.

This is yet another side project of Randall Munroe, of XKCD fame: The Limerick Database. Nerdy and terrific.

Dog/Human Contagion!

Nothing quite so exciting as a virus, but what’s more infectious than a yawn? Apparently, not only do humans yawn in response to a yawn, but so do other primates and dogs!

It made me giggle a bit.

Batman Batman

This person went to see Batman Begins for the first time in costume. The problem was that it was a Tuesday afternoon screening. Hilarity ensued.

Ever visit Superdickery? It’s full of odd comic panels, ranging from the insane to salacious. Boing Boing brought us up to speed on some of the best Batman panels ever.